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About Targomo

Targomo helps retailers and restaurant brands make better and faster location decisions. It offers an analytics platform with 400+ high quality data sets for 25+ countries and develops customised Geo AI prediction models that enable businesses to forecast relevant sales metrics for any potential location – instantly. The location intelligence specialist has been awarded as one of Europe’s Top 5 Deep Tech scaleups and serves customers in more than 20 countries, including McDonald’s Germany, RSG (McFit, Gold’s Gym) and Søstrene Grene.

Berlin-based Targomo has developed AI-based software which provides assessments of quality of locations for a range of purposes, working to model characteristics and forecast predicted performance. The intuitive SaaS tool enables companies to find the best locations for their needs, optimise entire networks, and increase overall profitability. Targomo offers a powerful API suite with access to comprehensive location-based data and reachability information. The transaction unlocks obvious synergies by enhancing Real Estate Search and Analysis with Location Intelligence on one side, and Powering Targomo LOOP with complete Real Estate Data on the other side.


Location Planning Made Easy
Targomo provides retailers with an easy-to-use location intelligence platform for site selection and location network planning. With its intuitive design and pre-installed data, TargomoLOOP enables you to create powerful and fast spatial analysis without any technical background. Run through numerous scenarios within minutes, gain data-based insights and speed up your decision making.

Intuitive design
Many data sets available
Quick results
AI-powered analytics

Predict Sales Performance for potential sites
Identify the location factors that drive the success of your business and forecast key sales metrics accurately.

Revenue prediction & more
Forecasts within seconds
Unlimited projections
Market opportunity heatmaps

Developer Tools for Geospatial Applications
Build powerful mapping and location analytics applications with an high-performant API suite. For online marketplaces, real estate platforms, job platforms, classifieds and more.

Fast & performant
Highly customizable
Sophisticated analytics
Free €300 credit

Datos de contacto
Dirección: Alemania
Persona de contacto: Nuño C. Cachón, International Business development manager
EMail: nuno.cachon@casafari.com