EXCEM SOCIMI SIR, a business model of coliving investment with comprehensive management that guarantees the occupation of its assets, collection and profitability, offering added value to its investors. They work to guarantee the security of investments, as well as achieving greater profitability and stability in the achievement of dividends.

The investment mix, the purchase of flats and buildings for residential use in city centres is the great opportunity in this business model, because they cover a demand that exceeds the existing supply and guarantee the investor the ability to purchase. EXCEM SOCIMI SIR, under the brand name Homiii, is the only coliving company listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange (MaB) to guarantee its investors and clients transparency and professionalism.

  • 502 rooms
  • 0% delinquency
  • 100% occupancy (60% occupancy during pandemic)
  • RICS valuation 35.800.000€ at the end of 2021, increasing 7% compared to 2020 and 3% compared to 2019.
  • Gross Rent of 7.5%
  • Average price of €600

They are currently in the full growth phase, devising the strategy in major cities such as Barcelona, Seville, Cartagena and Valencia.

Activity sector: Real Estate Investment Fund • Real Estate Asset Management • Interiorism design / Decoration / Refurbishment / Housing equipment

Servicios: Real Estate Asset Management • Administración/Gestión operativa de inmuebles • Interiorismo/Decoración/Reforma de viviendas