SIMAPRO 2023 Agenda

May 24-26, 2023

The SIMAPRO 2023 conference agenda will revolve around housing, investment and cities, “the real estate sector, engine of sustainable transformation” and will be developed along 16 major topic blocks.



EGlobal Economic/Financial Environment. Main macroeconomic trends that are influencing the Spanish real estate market in 2023. The real estate of the future. Short and medium term perspectives.


Beyond Residential. Analysis of the Office, Logistics and Retail investment market. Data centers and other alternative investment assets – what makes them so attractive to investors?


Living market trends and challenges in Spain. Co-Living and Student Halls. Senior Living and other housing models, new housing alternatives for the elderly.

Second Homes

The state of the second home market. The future of residential tourism seen by the main players.


International Investment Opportunities: Latin America.

Affordable housing

Demographics, migration, seasonal employment and housing supply. How to accelerate the production of affordable housing for sale. The role of the administration, the developer and the investor. Financing of affordable housing projects


Management, key to a professionalized rental sector. Investment and rental. Keys to the ” unstoppable? growth of the BTR model.

New Spanish Housing Law

The new Housing Law: sociological, economic and urban effects. The new Housing Law seen by the main protagonists of the real estate sector.

Product and customer

New trends in housing design and architecture. The customer experience in home buying: from marketing to post-sale.

Image, reputation and brand

The importance of image and reputation in the real estate sector. Real Estate Reputation Observatory. The role of the media in building the image and brand in the real estate sector.

Madrid and Cities


Regeneration and urban planning

Urban regeneration. The real estate sector, facilitator of urban regeneration projects. Flexible urban planning: changes of use in cities.

Sustainability and ESG in real estate

New approaches in the relationship between developer and builder. Sustainability in the real estate sector. Trends and challenges. Trends and challenges. ESG from the investor’s point of view.

SIMA Talent

Career opportunities for young students in the real estate sector

AGV Journay



Proptech Ecosystem. Context

Spanish Proptech ecosystem in the European context. Role of corporations and venture capital. Innovative solutions and technologies used in the current real estate sector

Proptech and investment

Technology applications for asset valuation and real estate risk analysis

Property Management

Transformation of efficiency and user services through technology

Digital Transformation

Digitalization and process flexibility in real estate developers and companies in the sector. Digitization of the traditional real estate agent

Innovation and Sustainability

Proptech as a driver of change towards more sustainable practices

Customer Experience

E-commerce and innovation in the purchasing process. Marketing and after-sales management for customer loyalty


The importance of data management and data analysis for decision-making


The AI revolution in recent months and its application in real estate. The metaverse and other disruptive trends

Innovative Solutions


Other contents


May 24-26

An exclusive space for contact between professionals in the sector.