See below for all the topics and sessions that make up the professional agenda.

  • May 24
  • May 25
  • May 26
Accreditation and Networking Cafe
Wednesday May 24. 09:30-10:00.
    Proptech Global Trends
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    Wednesday May 24. 10:00-10:30. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
    Global Economic/Financial Environment
    Wednesday May 24. 10:15-10:45. SIMAPRO1
    The role of corporations and venture capital in the growth and consolidation strategies of Proptech companies
    Wednesday May 24. 11:45-12:30. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
    Accreditation and Networking Cafe
    Thursday May 25. 09:30-10:00.
      Demographics, migration, seasonal employment and housing supply
      Thursday May 25. 10:00-10:30. SIMAPRO1
      How to accelerate the production of affordable housing for sale. The role of the administration, the developer and the investor
      Thursday May 25. 10:30-11:15. SIMAPRO1
      How does 3D help the marketing campaigns of your real estate projects?
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      Thursday May 25. 11:00-11:15. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
      Impact of the Energy Certificate on the value of assets
      Thursday May 25. 12:30-13:15. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM
      The new Housing Law: sociological, economic and urban effects
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      Thursday May 25. 16:45-17:30. SIMAPRO1
      Accreditation and Networking Cafe
      Friday May 26. 09:30-10:00.
        Welcome SIMA Talent
        Friday May 26. 10:30-10:45. SIMAPRO2
        Discover the international real estate network: i-Particuliers, aimed at real estate agents and other professionals in the sector
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        Friday May 26. 13:15-14:00. SNPI PROPTECH AUDITORIUM

        Do you dream of being independent, of being your own boss, of managing your work schedules? Are you ambitious and work does not scare you? Then come and discover our International Network, and discover how to make your professional life a success.

        i-Particuliers elected economic growth champion of 2023!

        For the second year in a row, our network is listed in the top 200 fastest growing French companies that have resonated! Moving from position 158 in 2022 to 48, this event once again confirms our role as a leading player in the real estate market and testifies, in turn, to the exponential development of our international network.