Madrid Real Estate Conference 2019

29 May 2019

The current socio-political context has positioned housing at the center of the debate. However, there are many issues that remain to be finalized and in this new edition of the Madrid Real Estate Conference, organized by ASPRIMA and SIMA, are intended to be adressed. How can industrialization improve the building process? When will the finalist floor portfolios arrive? What proposals does the sector have to facilitate access to housing, whether in purchase or rental?

Simultaneous translation between Spanish and English will be available.


Wednesday 29 May
08:30 Accreditation and welcome coffee
09:00 Opening
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09:30 Conversations around innovation in the real estate sector
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Moderator: Águeda Uña. Directora General, GESTIONO

10:30 Debate about the reinvention of the building process: process of housing industrialization
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Moderator: Julián Dominguez. Managing Partner, CIP ARQUITECTOS

11:30 Coffee break
12:00 Proposals for access to house buying and rent
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Exposición: Juan Fernández-Aceytuno. Chief Executive Officer, ST SOCIEDAD DE TASACIÓN

Moderator: Carolina Gómez. Presidenta, BUILDING YOUNGS

13:00 Debate about the chronogram of the most important urban processing in Madrid. When will the finalist land portfolios reach the capital?
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Moderator: Rafael González-Cobos. Chairman, GRUPO INMOBILIARIO FERROCARRIL, INC / Vocal de la Junta Rectora, ASPRIMA

14:00 Cocktail networking